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Many original letter of price increase, up to 25% ! Will 2024 be a year of out-of-stock price increases?


The 2024 received seven letters of original factory price increase in the first year. Let's take a look together with the small editor:

1. jetjet microelectronics

Reasons and details of price increase: since the establishment of the company, in order to continuously improve product quality and rich product models, has been increasing the investment in advanced equipment and process research and development, but in the past a long period of time in the market downturn, product prices continue to decline in the background, we have to bear a number of materials, exchange rates, labor costs and other increases. After a long-term loss of the original price has been difficult to meet the normal supply demand, in order to continue to ensure the delivery of stable and reliable quality of products and quality service.

After careful deliberation, the company has decided to increase the unit price of its TrenchMoS product line by 5% to 10% from January 15,2010, after 2024.


2. Blue Electronics

Reasons and details of the price increase: due to the upstream raw material prices and labor costs continue to rise, leading to a substantial increase in our company's costs, our company alone bear the increase in material and labor costs, the original price has been difficult to meet the supply demand, in order to better serve your company, to ensure the continued supply of quality and stability of products and quality services, after careful study, the company has decided to raise the unit price of its full range of products by 10% to 18% from January 1,2008,2024.


3、Deep Micro Semiconductors

Reason and details of the price increase: 2024, Shenzhen Micro Company will continue to increase investment in advanced equipment, through efficiency improvement to reduce the cost and gain, hope to provide you with more quality products.  

However, due to the rising cost of raw materials and the increase of integrated operating costs, Shenzhen Micro Company is also facing the reality of persistent financial deficits. In order to keep the company going and to provide you with stable products and services, it has been decided through internal 2024 that from January 9, new orders received were revised upwards from the original price by the following margin:

(1) the increase of SOD-123/SOD-323/SOD-523 package was 10-20% ;

(2) the increase of SOT-23 package is 15-25% ;

(3) SOT23-3L/SOT23-5L/SOT23-6L packaging series increase 15-25% ;

(4)SOT-323/S0T-353/SOT-363/SOT-563 packaging series increased by 10-20% .


4. Advanced Core Electronics 

Reasons and details of price increase: with the rise of various costs and market recovery, in order to ensure that the company can continue to provide customers with healthy quality products and services, the company's entire line of product prices are increased by 10-20% . This price 2024 will commence on January 1.


5. Embrace technology 

Reasons and details of price increase: due to the long-term high exchange rate, package price increases, environmental costs and other adverse factors, to achieve a stable supply of sustained cooperation, after careful consideration of the company to part of the product price adjustment, adjustment according to the new quotation shall prevail, the release time of January 10.



In order to meet the needs of customers, Yangzhou Jingxin Company is also a positive response, constantly upgrading equipment, strengthen production management, and even at the expense of production capacity to ensure the further improvement of product quality, resulting in increasing production costs. In order to better serve customers and ensure product quality, we have made the following decision after careful study and accounting by all departments of our company: We will raise the price of all tin chips by 10% ~ 15% starting from the delivery of the 2024 on January 1. All outstanding orders should be reconfirmed with our respective business 2023 before 30 December.


7、San Liansheng technology

Reasons and details of the price increase: due to the price of raw materials and labor costs. In the early stage, our company has been operating with negative profits in order not to affect the interests of customers. But up to now, the price of raw materials, artificial water and electricity rent rising costs have far more than I can afford the scope.

In order to ensure continuous and healthy supply of quality products and services to your company, after further consideration, the company decided to package the following: SOT23 dispensing, Sot23 eutectic, SOD523 dispensing, SOD523 eutectic product price adjustment by 15% ~ 25% . Other packages to make minor adjustments, the specific price please consult our business department. This price 2024 will commence on January 1.


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